For several years, the Florida Chapter has donated to each SWPC Convention, four envelopes, each containing $25.00 in cash, with a stamped, addressed card for the 'winner's' reply, asking if they preferred a gift or cash. All that have replied, said 'Cash'. We have recieved three cards back, so far, this year. They are from:  Owen & Myrna Mibus, Webster, Mn, N.C. Chapter;  Adrian & Barb Geiger, Prescott, Az.;  Tim McDaniel, Hutchinson, M.N., N.C. Chapter .

 None of the Florida Chapter Officers were able to attend the Ogden Convention.

Myrna Mibus has let us use her report of the Convention. Thank you, Myrna'


---- Myrna CG Mibus <> wrote:
Hello everyone,

I haven't seen any email posts about the convention so thought I would write a quick note - the convention went very well! Thanks to John and Linda Parrish for hosting and to everyone else that helped make the convention happen.

I understand we had about 135 registered for the convention and there were about 30 airplanes (included in this number are a low-wing Piper and two Ercoupes). I don't have an official listing of what planes won the aircraft judging - hopefully someone will post that soon. The Marriott was a great hotel for the convention and Ogden was an ideal city - many sites were within walking distance of the hotel including Union Station and Historic 25th Street. Many members took part in a flight out to land on the salt flats one morning - I didn't go but it sounds like it was a great experience!

I understand a recap of the convention will be up on the convention website soon
Larry Jenkins posted some pictures of the convention and a link to them is up on the convention website. You may need to log in to the photo site, though, I just visited the link posted and couldn't get in without a login.

Next year's convention is set for Saratoga Springs, NY. I believe the dates are June 30th through July 4th.

I wrote a blog entry about The Mibus Family's convention experience. This year was our tenth convention! Hard to believe our first convention was in Springfield, MO and Ryan was still in diapers. It's much easier to travel with the kids now. You can read the blog at this link:


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                                                                                            SUN ‘N  FUN  2012



The weather was very nice this week, almost like an apology for what we had last year.

The Thunder Birds, along with the rest of the air shows were done safely and with no weather delays.

In our area, General Aircraft Camping, we had about 35 volunteers during the six days before the opening and during the seven days that the Fly-in is officially open, we also had the RAF Cadets. Greg Leaf, our Co-Chairman, who usually controls “Papa 1” wasn’t able to be with us this year. Our other volunteers pitched in and kept the planes moving. Many of our volunteers were ‘first timers’ and only two of the 45 Cadets had been with us before, but they all learned fast and well.

The new 8’ TSA fence made it a little inconvenient for us, as there was no gate in front of our building. We had to go around the south side of the Aircraft Camping Registration Building. The Airport manager asked us not to park planes, unless necessary, north of a line extending west from the north side of taxi-way ”Papa”. With a lot of planning by Chairman George Klitsch and Co-Chairman Cliff Mullins, this was done.


Florence (Tyke) Klitsch, in charge of the SWPC booth in the tent, wants to thank the volunteers who stayed with her this week and appreciates their assistance. Our new Chapter banner, with the Chapter logo, received many raves and offers of “I want it”. (See pictures) There was very little traffic in the tent as compared with previous years. The problem seems to be with the placement of the 8’ TSA fence. It is thru the area that the tent has been in for the last several years. The tent was placed in an ”off the beaten path” of traffic to and from the core area to the War Birds and Vintage areas. Also there were no signs to locate it. This unintentional oversight will be noted in our ”Debriefing Notes”.


George Klitsch

I am taking this opportunity to thank the Florida Chapter members and their friends, for their support and work. This made our part of Sun ‘n Fun successful. The amount of planning and work to keep our useful area within the parameters outlined by TSA and the Airport Management was a group effort that worked well. I cannot single out any part of our responsibilities that required special effort; they all did. The individuals handling Papa 1 did the work perfectly, the flaggers moved aircraft smoothly and in the right direction, the parkers placed aircraft in the right places at the right times. All these jobs were done in such a way that they complied with all the restrictions and earned respect and appreciation from the Airport Authorities. Many thanks again, guys, well done.

Working and assisting us were the RAF Cadets and Officers. These people demonstrated a ‘can do’ attitude that left no doubt how and why the RAF won the battle for the skies over England in 1941. They are all proud of their grand parents accomplishments and the grand parents would be just as proud of them. These Cadets received additional training for marshalling aircraft in our area. This training was conducted by our Co-chairman, a retired RAF officer, Cliff Mullins, who saw to it, that they followed all the rules, some of which their grandparents didn’t have to suffer with. The performance of these Cadets is a credit to their uniform, training and heritage.

It has been an honor and a privilege to work with all the Volunteers, the Cadets and their Officers.  THANK YOU ! to each of you.


From Iris Morris, Co-Chairman

To all of our volunteers : Thank you for your help. Because of you, I am able to continue doing what I love, being Co-Chairman in A/C camping. Thirty-one years ago, camping was on the east side, where Vintage is now. Adair Henderson was the Chairman and she asked me to be her Co-Chair. We miss her.

                             *****   Next Fly-ins   *****

Because of summer thunder storms, no fly-ins June thru Sept.

May 5  Saturday  Black Water Creek  about 1200, for the best $5.00 lunch around.

June  25/28  Ogden, Utah       International SWPC Convention


CHECK  PG 77 of March/April 2012 Short Wing Piper News, for article of our friends and Chapter members, Wendell & Delma Smith.


The Florida Chapter of The Short Wing Piper Club host the General Aircraft Camping area at the Sun 'n Fun fly-in on the Lakeland-Linder Airport at Lakeland, Florida.With about 35 volunteers and the RAF officers and cadets, we try to make our camping visiters welcome. We have a van that serves as a 'taxi' with-in the camp ground. Here are a few pictures to show what goes on "behind the scenes".