Iris Morris
In 1974, I was given my very first airplane ride. It was in George Klitsch's Piper Colt out of Vandenburg Airport, near Tampa. At about 50' off the ground, I was not only "hooked", I swallowed the bait and the line. Four years later, with a four day old license, I bought N699A, a 1951 Tri-Pacer, with "rotten-cotton" wings and control surfaces. With the help and advice of Lloyd Schuh and George, three months later, I started "The Great Adventure", flying over much of the Eastern USA and once to Treasure Cay, Bahamas. I joined the SWPC (#64) in 1981 and the rest is all history, recorded in the Short Wing Piper News.
In 1998, 99A was sold to my son, Jim. In the past three years, 99A was taken down to the "bare bones" and rebuilt and is once again a flying machine, ready for another 60 years of adventure.