George Klitsch's
Beautiful 1959 PA22-160 Tripacer in flight
George Klitsch
After  many years of dreaming of flying I had an opportunity to start to learn in J3s in the early 50s,and acquired several hours, but that was interrupted by the Korean War.  A couple decades, and a Chemical Engineering Degree later I found time (and money) to resume my flying.  I soloed at Vandenberg Airport, got my private ticket and my instrument rating there.  Also it was at Vandenberg that Tyke and I got our first airplane, A Short Wing Piper Colt (PA22/109).  While I was based there, I had the opportunity to rebuild and fly a triple tail Bellanca, tail dragger.  That was followed by a Bellanca Viking, a Mooney Exec. and finally back to the short wing Pipers; N3108 Z, a PA 22/160