Hi Iris:   We have Ed in Ivy Court a Memory Care unit.   Sending a pic of a shadow box we have outside Ed's room.  Notice the short wing piper  25th badge.  Not sure if there were any more later ones given out.   Also  have picture of his Piper PA 20 and the Cessna 182   inside his room.    Also will see a short wing piper hat, a poem in a frame and 2 stuffed dogs that look like snoopy with the goggles etc. on a shelf over bed      It is a real nice memory care for Alzheimer's  / Dementia.   The staff is trained for this illness, and it is a lock down.  Where all outside doors have to be opened with a code by staff people inside.     

 Take care,   Marilyn


 Eddie and Marilyn Isaacs joined the Florida Chapter in it's first year and with Iris Morris and John Phillips are the only ones of that group to still be in the Chapter. We have another message from Marilyn, that, with her permissiom, we will add here.




Andy is one of the officers that bring the RAF Cadets to Sun 'n Fun. We thank him for this picture.


Hi Iris, Your note about flying the Space Shuttle home prompted a few memories. Way back in 1983 (June 3 to be precise) I took a bunch of Cadets up to Stansted Airport (about 40 miles North of London) to see the protptype shuttle (Enterprise) when it was brought there on its way to the Paris Air Show. This was the shuttle that they did all the gliding trial with to prove it could land. It's now in the Smithsonian in Washington DC (at the Dulles outstation)   Somewhere around a quarter of a million people turned up to see it - totally overwhelming the facilities.. Most people only saw it from afar but my memories are more of the vast flat circuits they had to fly since the CofG was so high up they couldn't afford much bank in a turn.   We stayed on late and managed to get very close to the whole assembly after it landed. I've enclosed a picture of me and the shuttle to prove it! I can't quite believe this was more than a quarter of a century ago but of course it was before the Shuttles flew in anger   I hope you are all well. Winter is setting in here. Cold and wet at usual!   Please pass on my regard to all those I know. I do enjoy catching up on folks via the newsletters.   Regards   Andy




Jerry Russell and Kiki at Sun 'n Fun 2009. This took first place in the
"Pretty Picture" contest at the SWPC Convention in Knoxville, 2009.



                                                           "SHOCK AND AWE"

 Dave Moyer , Aircraft Camping Volunteer and Florida Chapter member, directing traffic at Papa One, Sun 'n Fun, 2009

This picture is published in the photo section of  "AOPA On Line " and took tenth place in the "Pretty Picture" contest at the

SWPC Convention in Knoxville, 2009.




George Klitsch (Florida Chapter President) works on Jim Morris' 1951 Tri-Pacer N699A, at South Lakeland Airpark,

while Cindy does guard duty.

This photo, taken by Iris, was shown on AOPA on Line, in the Airport Day project, in 2007.

South Lakeland Airpark, is a residential airpark, at Mulberry, Fl., with a well maintained 4000' grass landing strip and is about five miles

south of Lakeland-Linder Airport.